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Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Division of Medicinal Chemical Sciences - Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Professor Jun’ichi Uenishi:Ph.D.
Associate Professor Kimiko Hashimoto:Ph.D.
Research Associate Nobuyuki Kawai:Ph.D.

Graduate students:1     
Undergraduate students:6th year:8 5th year:13 4th year:10 3rd year:13


Early Exposure (BS1, the 1st semester)
Basic Seminar (BS1)
Organic Chemistry B (BS1, the 2nd semester)
Organic Chemistry C (BS2, the 1st semester)
Organic Chemistry D (BS2, the 2nd semester)
Exercise for Basic Pharmaceutical Subjects C (BS2, the 1st semester)
Exercise for Basic Pharmaceutical Subjects D (BS2, the 2nd semester)
Organic Chemistry Lab. (BS2, the 2nd semester)
Organic Chemistry & Pharmacology, Lab. (BS3, the 1st semester)
Research Seminar A (BS3, the 2nd semester)
Pharmaceutical Research A (BS3, the 2nd semester)
Research Seminar B (BS4, the 1st semester)
Pharmaceutical Research B (BS4, the 1st semester)
Research Seminar C (BS5)
Pharmaceutical Research C (BS5)
Introduction to Advanced Organic Chemistry (BS6, the 1st semester)
Research Seminar D (BS6, the 1st semester)
Pharmaceutical Research D (BS6, the 1st semester)

Affiliated academic society

The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan
The Chemical Society of Japan
The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
The Society of Process Chemistry
The American Chemical Society

Research work

Our group develops organic reactions and syntheses based on the original idea. Some of our recent results are listed below.

  1. We have found Pd(II)-catalyzed dehydrative cyclization with high chirality transfer, in which i) an SN2’ reaction takes place with an elimination of hydroxy group, ii) the chirality of the secondary hydroxy group can transfer on the new chiral center, and iii) optically active oxa- and azaheterocyclic rings can be constructed. The synthetic studies of anti-cancer natural products are in progress by the use of this key cyclization reaction.
  2. Recently our group has found a novel organocatalyst for dehydrative cyclization. Various optically active tetrahydroisoquinolines bearing an alkenyl substituent at C-1 position have been prepared. This new catalyst allows us to synthesize a various kind of optically active tetrahydroisoquinoline alkaloids.
  3. In order to find of a new medicinal candidate, we are investigating a structure and activity relationship for structurally simple anti-cancer and anti-fungal compounds. This research aims an original medicine developing from the university laboratory.

Original paper

  1. Synthesis of of the 1-Phenethyltetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloids (+)-Dysoxyline, (+)-Colchiethanamine and (+)-Colchiethine Jannapureddy R., Kawai N., Uenishi J. J. Org. Chem., 2012, 77, 11101-11108. 
  2. PdII-catalyzed Cascade Reaction with 1,3-Chirality Transfer; Stereoselective Synthesis of Chiral Non-racemic 2,2'-THF-THF Ring Units Uenishi J., Fujikura Y., Kawai N. Org. Lett., 2011, 13, 2350-2353.
  3. Total Synthesis of (―)-Apicularen A Palimkar S. S., Uenishi J. Org. Lett., 2010, 12, 4160-4163.
  4. Total Synthesis of (―)-Zampanolide and Questionable Existence of (―)-Dactylolide as a Biosynthetic  Precursor of (―)-Zampanolide in an Okinawan Sponge Uenishi J., Iwamoto T., Tanaka J. Org. Lett., 2009, 11, 3262-3265.
  5. Stereochemistry and Mechanistic Study of Intramolecular PdII-Catalyzed Oxypalladation and 1,3-Chirality Transfer Reactions Uenishi J.; Vikhe Y. S.; Kawai N. Chem. Asian J., 2008, 3, 473-484.



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