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Message from Naomasa Gotoh.

Aiming to educate Pharmachist-Scientist to shape the future of pharmaceutical sciences.

Kyoto Pharmaceutical University was originally established as a private German school founded by young scholars trained by the German educator Rudolf Lehmann with the goal of teaching Western medicine and pharmaceutics in the German language. The University is the second oldest private pharmacy school in Japan with a long history and tradition; we celebrated our 130th anniversary in 2014. As expressed in our motto “Philosophia et Praktikos,” the founding principles of the University are to be independent and self-reliant, to commit to lifelong learning, and to put the lessons into practice. Over the years, more than 22,000 graduates have pursued careers in the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, pharmacies, universities, and government agencies, where they have been recognized for excellence.

Ten years have passed since the historic reform in pharmacy education in 2006, in which six-year programs were implemented. During this period, the University established a six-year education program that integrates pre-pharmacy, basic pharmacy, and specialized pharmacy courses; laboratory and practical courses; rotations in hospitals and pharmacies; and thesis research. The infrastructure supporting the program, such as the new education building, was also completed. The goal of our six-year program is to develop individuals well-versed in Science, Art, and Humanity, that is, Pharmacist-Scientist.

Most of the previous four-year pharmacy education programs placed an emphasis on “substances” that are drugs. We recognize, however, that advanced medical science and technology alone cannot provide high-quality healthcare with safety and comfort; medical professionals must have empathy for their patients. With this in mind, the University aims to educate Pharmacist-Scientist with a strong sense of benevolence in addition to specialized knowledge and techniques in pharmacy. Until 2016, approximately 2,000 students have graduated from the six-year program. In addition to the abovementioned career choices, some graduates have chosen to work in the health-related food industry. Graduates actively participate in team-based healthcare, community-based healthcare, development of new drugs, and healthcare system reform. They are expected to make great contributions to the advancement of healthcare and support systems to meet the needs of the new era.

President Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

As the six-year program was implemented, we also set up graduate education that complements the undergraduate pharmacy education. We have established a four-year graduate program that builds upon the six-year undergraduate program with the goal of developing future leaders (pharmacists with doctorate degrees) in medical practice, pharmaceutical industry, and government administration. The program offers four tracks: the Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences track, the Clinical Pharmacy track, the Cancer Professionals track (in collaboration with medical universities), and the Regulatory Science track (in collaboration with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency). In this program, students are guided to pursue original research following the tradition at this University to advance interdisciplinary and translational research in collaboration with laboratories with distinct expertise and to study at universities and research institutions abroad. Through these efforts, our new program will help in the development of leaders in the field of basic and clinical pharmaceutical sciences. We believe that the graduates from our program will contribute to the success of the six-year pharmacy education system in the future.

Naomasa Gotoh

Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

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