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Graduate School

 Strongly motivated international students who have high goals and devote themselves to research at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, to acquire highly specialized knowledge and become researchers with the capacity to contribute globally.

Education and research at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University Graduate School

Focus on enhancing students’ research understanding to help them become experts in the field of pharmacy. The fundamental aim of this school is to develop students’ research capabilities, in addition to focusing on their education.

Kyoto Pharmaceutical University offers two doctoral programs. The first is a four-year program in Pharmacy to create clinical pharmacists with leadership skills who possess advanced academic knowledge and research capabilities in basic and clissnical pharmacy, and researchers who play an active international role in basic and clinical pharmacy. The other is a five-year program (a two-year long first stage, and a three-year long second stage) in Pharmaceutical Sciences, that focuses on creating researchers who are capable of playing an active international role in basic pharmaceutical sciences.

List of Laboratories

Introduction of research laboratories and affiliated facilities, wherein future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists study.

List of Laboratories

List of Faculty Members

Introduction of faculty members, including professors, who possess advanced knowledge and good teaching skills.

List of Faculty Members

Summary of the Graduate School

Course Number of students admitted Capacity of the course
Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 10 40
Pre-Doctoral Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences 5 10
Doctoral Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences 2 6

Summary of the Doctoral Degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Targets :

  • Creating pharmacists with strong leadership skills
  • Creating professionals who can conduct clinical and basic pharmaceutical research
  • Creating pharmaceutical researchers who can contribute to innovative cancer research
  • Training of professionals who can lead overall drug development activities, as well as of pharmacy specialists for industry.

Summary of the Pre-Doctoral Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences
and Doctoral Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Targets :

Through various selection methods, we will accept not only students from the Department of Pharmacy, but also students from other disciplines or members of society. Professionals will be trained to promote basic pharmaceutical research, such as that in drug discovery and life sciences.
 This specialist program comprises a two-year first doctorate term, and a three-year second doctorate term. Students who have completed their first doctorate term (and have submitted a thesis) are awarded a master’s degree in pharmaceutical science. Those who have completed their second doctorate term (and have submitted a dissertation) are awarded a doctorate in pharmaceutical science.

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