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Division of Analytical and Physical Sciences―Department of Biophysical Chemistry


SAITO, HiroyukiProfessorPh.D.
OHGITA, TakashiAssistant ProfessorPh.D.

Research work

Our research focus in the Department of Biophysical Chemistry is on understanding the structure and function of the disease-related proteins in Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, amyloidosis, and cancer based on physicochemical, biochemical, and cell biological techniques, and its application to pharmaceutics. Main programs are: 1) Structural basis for apolipoprotein-induced atherosclerosis, amyloidosis, and Alzheimer's disease, 2) Molecular mechanism of aggregation and fibril formation of α-synuclein, 3) Development of tumor microenvironment-sensitive nanocarriers for cancer therapy, 4) Design of lipid-protein nanocomplexes for application to nanodevice and pharmaceutics.
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