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SATO, TakeshiProfessorPh.D.
IMAI, ChizuAssociate ProfessorM.A.
OGUMI,YoshieAssociate ProfessorLL.D.
SAKAMOTO, TakashiAssociate ProfessorPh. D. (Philosophy)
IWASAKI, DaisukeLecturerM.A.
KISHINO, RyōjiLecturerPh.D.
ASAHINA,HirokoAssistant ProfessorPh.D.

Research work

Takeshi SATO:
Theme of my research is “Biological Chemistry on the Membrane”.  I have been trying to elucidate how membrane protein changes its structure to function by using spectroscopic techniques such as solid state NMR, FT-IR, etc.  For details, please refer to my site on Google Scholar or Researchgate.  

Chizu IMAI:
Imai’s interests encompass Victorian English literature, society, and culture, with a current thematic focus on “illness”. Through an examination of the diverse portrayals of physical and mental afflictions in novels, she delves into the significance of illness within Victorian society.

Yoshie OGUMI:
I have been exploring the conception of equality, focusing mainly on feminist legal theories.
My research is one of attempts to reconstruct the theory of equality based on the premise of a "vulnerable subject" that is different from the autonomous and independent subject that has been advocated in the liberal tradition.

History of thought in 20th century France.

KISHINO Ryōji received both his BA (2004) and MA (2006) in Buddhist Studies from Kyoto University in Japan, and his PhD (2013) from UCLA. His research focuses on Buddhist monastic codes (Skt. vinaya) preserved in Chinese, Indic (P?li and Sanskrit), and Tibetan. He is primarily concerned with trying to know the daily lives and religious activities of Buddhist monks and nuns in India. Moreover, he is currently reading Gakunyo's 學如 (1716–1773) and Bu ston's (1290–1364) works on the M?lasarv?stiv?da-vinaya to understand how it was transmitted and circulated in Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

Daisuke IWASAKI:
IWASAKI’s research interests are German literature, especially Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803). Currently, he is interested in Herder’s “rebirth philosophy”(“Palingenesie”-Gedanke) and is investigating the link between his humanitarian philosophy and linguistic philosophy. He has studied German teaching methods and is working effective German teaching methods.

Grounded in the perspective of cognitive linguistics, my research focuses on observing English various linguistic phenomena and elucidating their own mechanisms. As an extension of this research, I aim to conduct a study verifying teaching methods that enable metalinguistic knowledge to be utilized as effective grammar knowledge in actual educational settings.

I focused on the structural analysis of single-pass transmembrane proteins in lipid bilayer using polarized FT-IR, fluorescence experiment and solid-state NMR.  Also, based on the structural change model of membrane proteins, I have been trying to create synthetic proteins as chemical tools.  For details, please refer to Google Scholar. 
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