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Division of Pharmacy Education―The Research Center for Pharmacy Education


HOSOI, ShinzoProfessorPh.D. (Pharmacy)
HIRAKI, AkihiroLecturerPh.D. (Pharmacy)
YOSHIMURA, NorihisaAssistant ProfessorM.Sc. (Pharmacy)

Research work

[Education & Guiding Principles] Acquiring a pharmacist license is not the final step for students. Here, it is only the minimum requirement. We educate and guide students to motivate them, providing finely tailored support, as details below show. It is one of our goals to value communication with our students by being ready to answer any questions or worries.

[Guiding Principles]
1. Students prepare for state examination, studying pharmacy from basics to practice in steps through lectures, exercises and examinations.
2. Students, being attentively supported, improve their academic achievement through exercises centered on core subjects.
3. We provide students with the ideal environment to study on their own by giving them access to a database of teaching materials and state examination practice questions.

Year 4: Integrate the understanding and organizing of knowledge for practical training.
(Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Exercise)
Year 5: Integrate the knowledge studied and practical training up until the fourth year.
(Clinical Practice in Hospital/Clinical Practice in Community)
Year 6: Summarize the study of pharmacy.
(first semester:Supplementary Pharmaceutical Exercise
second semester:Integrated Pharmaceutical Exercise)
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